Micabliss Persians

Ch Stenart Chiara

Micabliss Champion Chiara

Champion Stenart Chiara is a Black Tabby Persian, which we brought from Italy. Her father is Eurecat Dior (who we own also in our cattery) and her mother is Digit Farm. Chiara has already started her championship in Italy, but she had to start the championship here in Malta. When she was abroad, Chiara obtained General Best four times.

Chiara is a very lively cat, because she always in search for mischief. If left on her own for a few minutes, you will be likely to find a surprise afterwards. So we are very aware of what Chiara can do, that we keep an eye on her all the time. Chiara is very outgoing, in fact the moment she entered our house, she made herself comfortable and tried to make friends with all the other cats. She is a leader and doesn’t know how to be afraid, because she runs around the cattery, eat her food and of others and she is always the first one to eat whenever we put food in the bowl. Although she has such a character, we love her just the same.

As regards her beauty, Chiara is an outstanding Persian with large mustard eyes which are placed very well in her face and with superb nose placed just in the middle between her outstanding eyes. We are hoping that Chiara will get excellent results in the forthcoming International Cat Shows because she surely deserves it.


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